Discussion: The films in us

With the writers María Cecilia Barbetta, Roman Graf, Sabrina Janesch and Christopher Kloeble.

The art of film has been with us for about a century and like no other it influenced our perceptions of reading and writing: The literature of the late 20th century is full of pictoral representation and montage.

But what is the relation between literature and film in the year 2020? Is there a filmic style of writing that resembles “show don’t tell”? Or have “filmic styles of writing” always been a transmedial tool?

Four writers with four different backgrounds and styles: Maria Cecilia Barbetta, Roman Graf, Sabrina Janesch and Christopher Kloeble discuss intermedial relations and the impact of film on content, form and style of their writing.

A night about the visual-visionary power that is literature.


The event is supported within the framework of “Neustart Kultur” of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media by the German Literature Fund e.V.

Die Filme in uns
01.10.2020 | 20:00 Uhr | LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur
Sabrina Janesch © by Frank Zauritz
María Cecilia Barbetta © by Markus Höhn
Christopher Kloeble © by Jens Oellermann
Roman Graf © by Stefan Kubli