Big Business Best­seller­ver­filmung

Award winning producer Andreas Bareiss in conversation with
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau.

Andreas Bareiss co-produced adaptations such as Oscar winning Nirgendwo in Afrika, rating hit Die Wanderhure, and Heute bin ich blond. The adaptation of “Feuerherz” on the other hand was accompanied by controversy and was not a commercial success. Which factors contribute to the success of book adaptations? Can literature be understood as branding? And what are the reasons for adapting books in the first place?

These and other questions about the challenges and potentials of adaptation will be discussed with Bareiss and the chair for Marketing and Media at Marketing Center Münster, Thorsten Henning-Thurau. Together with Mark B. Houston of Texas Christian University, he published the book Entertainment Science. Data Analytics and Practical Theory for Movies, Games, Books, and Music which discusses factors that contribute to the success of entertainment productions.

Big Business Best­seller­ver­filmung

TUE 09/29/2020 | 8 PM | LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur

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