Berlin Alexanderplatz – Three Adaptations

D 1931, 88 min | BRD 1980, 896 min | D 2020, 183 min

LITFILMS presents all three existing film adaptations of Albert Döblin’s influential novel – 1931’s version by Piel Jutzi that was released only two years after the book’s first publishing, the entire TV series by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and a contemporary adaptation set in modern day Berlin by Burhan Qurbani. This film will be followed by a discussion about the  history and the various approaches to the adaptation of the material with the director.

1931, Piel Jutzi (dir.)

After being released from jail, handyman Franz Biberkopf decides to start a new and honest life, but finds himself struggling with his decision. He meets mobster Reinhold who exploits the good-natured and slightly cumbersome Franz for his immoral intentions. This socio-critical adaptation shows Alfred Döblin’s Berlin through stunning realism.


1980, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (dir.)

Fassbinder’s TV series envisions his ideas of humaneness und love through fourteen episodes about Franz Biberkopf’s life after jail. Not a critic’s choice at release, this monumental piece of filmmaking is an internationally acclaimed adaptation and one of Fassbinder’s most famous works.


2020, Burhan Qurbani (dir.)

This recent adaptation set in modern day Berlin deals with Francis (Welket Bungué) who takes on the dangerous and illegal journey from Guinea-Bissau to Europe. As his boat goes through a storm, he promises to become a decent human being in case of his rescue. His path leads him to Berlin where his friendship to the drug dealer Reinhold (Albrecht Schuch) challenges Francis` promise.

Berlin Alexanderplatz – Three Adaptations

DO 24.09.2020 | 7.00 pm | Cinema & Kurbelkiste (2020)
SO 04.10.2020 | 3.00 pm | Schloßtheater (1931) 
SA 10.10.2020 and SO 11.10.2020 | 11.00 am | Westfälischer Kunstverein (1980)

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